7’0″ Warrior Cat Roller Rod (LARRY MUSE SIGNATURE SERIES)

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MSRP- $129.99

Warrior Cat Roller Rod

Larry Muse Signature Series

Assembled in the USA

Blank has a great combination of sensitive tip and unbelievable backbone.

7’0” MH 30-50# 4-9oz

When asked why he uses roller rods for catfishing and chose the Warrior Cat Roller to be his signature series rod Larry Muse had this to say!

“When I first started suspend fishing I used a Berkley glow Stick. A pole with backbone and a soft tip and it worked alright . Then I started experimenting with roller guide rods. They out fished conventional guide rods three to one with braided line but all the roller guide rods on the market are stiffer than I like.  The Warrior Cat roller rods are perfect for use with braid and circle hooks.  The fish feels no resistance until he turns and is in perfect position for the circle hook and I tested them against four other roller rods and they caught more and bigger fish each time out. The Warrior Cat roller rods are perfectly designed. I couldn’t improve anything about um. And there’s nothing on the market like um.” – Larry Muse


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