Sponsorship Requests

Thank you for your interest in having Warrior Cat Tackle as a sponsor for you or your event. We recognize the fun and exciting atmosphere that tournaments and other events can bring to the sport of fishing, and we look to be involved in fun, well-organized events that promote a safe and positive atmosphere for all.

We receive hundreds of event sponsorship requests each year. While we’d love to partner with the majority of these, we are only able to sponsor a limited amount each year. For this reason, we have established a required submission process outlined below.

Event Sponsorship

If you are seeking an Warrior Cat Tackle sponsorship for an event, we have established the following guidelines and instructions for submitting your request:

  1. All event sponsorship requests must be received a minimum of 120 days in advance of the event or deadline. Any event sponsorship request that is received outside of this timeframe will not be considered.
  2. Please provide the following information in your submission:
  • Complete name of your event.
  • Contact person’s full name, email, phone number and address.
  • Brief description of your event(s).
  • The purpose of your request, including the amount being requested and the total project budget.
  • Event date and deadline to receive product.
  • Dates and amounts of any previous event sponsorship from WCT.
  • Explain how you will promote WCT before, during and after your event(s), and what media outlets you plan to use (online, print, etc.).

All requests must be submitted via email and sent to warriorcattackle@yahoo.com. All information must be included in the body of the email, and the subject line of the email should say “Event Sponsorship Request” along with the event name. We do not accept mailed or faxed requests, and we do not open any email attachment requests.

Once we receive your event sponsorship request, you will receive an acknowledgement reply via email. If your request is selected during our review process, you will be contacted via email or the phone number you provided to discuss details further.

Please be sure to review these guidelines and follow the steps accordingly. We thank you for your request and for considering Warrior Cat Tackle.